Walker Portable ash meter – without isotope

Fast, fully automated measurement of ash content in coal at storage yards, in tanks on wagons and trucks.

  • high accuracy of conducted measurements
  • easy calibration and service
  • cost-, time- and energy saving device
  • co-operation with a computer: data base, reports

Product Description

✓ Measurement method : measurement of natural gamma radiation of coal
✓ Power supply : 12 V/1,8 Ah battery
✓ Working temperature : 0°C do 45°C
✓ The number of calibration curves in the microprocessor memory : 16 different calibration curves that can be entered by the user
✓ Duration of measurements : set in the range of 5 – 999 s instant
✓ Readout of ash content A, % : measurement results stored in the microcontroller
✓ Data base : memory possible transfer to a computer (reports, specifications)
✓ Messages on a display : possibility to select different language versions
✓ Measurement accuracy : mean measuring error ~ 1% of ash content, depending on the type of coa
✓ Weight : <7,5 kg
✓ Lenght : 900mm